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My Life

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My Life

We grew up on a council estate in Yorkshire, they were my parents and brother, who was younger than me. It seemed like we were just a normal family, or so it seemed to me. My mum had 2 jobs, this was because my dad my could not keep a job. I remember once when he did have a job, I came downstairs one night, he had just finished painting the glass on a torch where the light shone out, in the middle he had left a small dot that was left unpainted. My parents were talking and as young has I was he was going to break into his work and job it. shortly after that, he didn’t have a job. He began going out all dressed up, and coming home everyday drunk, this is a pattern that became his life.


My life has been a roller coaster, a father who hated me and mental abused me. Then I was promiscuous, 2 handsome sons, 2 failed marriages, the second one, he said that he wanted to be a woman. I want to share all this with everyone. Hope you enjoy it.

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